CrossFit is a training methodology aimed at improving overall fitness – increasing both strength and cardiovascular levels for people of all fitness levels and abilities. The program was developed by Coach Greg Glassman through many years of watching, working with and coaching all types of people – from those considered “normal and average” to top athletes. Coach Glassmans idea- take what worked best from the sports and movements that create the most versatile athletes (gymnastics, weightlifting and metabolic conditioning) and throw out the rest. If a workout or particular movement proved to be challenging, functional and effective, it stayed in the system. If not, it was dropped. What remains is CrossFit- the most effective strength and conditioning system available outside of elite training programs associated with major university sports teams and professional athletics.

The beauty of CrossFit is it’s infinite scalability. The fitness needs of an accountant, a college athlete or a grandmother differ by degree not kind. By scaling loads, intensity and duration; CrossFit programming is appropriate for any individual who is willing to put in the work- regardless of fitness or ability level. In our gym, you’ll find a mix of stay at home moms, collegiate athletes, salespeople, triathletes, fitness beginners and “your average joes”.