Bashawn Thorell

Crossfit has definitely lead to changes in my life, on the outside and more important on the inside. I started crossfit 3 years ago, in my mid 40’s, thinking “I’m not sure about this..”. Prior to crossfit, I had always been active with spin classes, weight classes and running usually 5-6 days a week. I thought I was in a pretty good shape, but never really happy with my body, always worried about how I looked and not seeing any results. I even remember telling my husband that I could no longer wear shorts or bikinis because I was too old. I had struggled at a young age with eating problems and weight, so the workouts and eating healthy were always there but happiness and confidence were not. I have two little girls and a boy and worried about sending them the right message about growing up strong, beautiful, and secure. Within the first six months of crossfit my focus started changing, my thoughts were no longer about how I looked but more on “what can I do next?” I did lose 10 lbs that first year and dropped two sizes, but by the second year I gained the 10 lbs back plus 4 more and honestly was thrilled thinking “good I need that to be able to lift more!” And I’m still down the two sizes, so the weight is fine by me. With each WOD, each new skill, and every challenge both inside and outside the box, Crossfit has helped me realize I can overcome overwhelming tasks by “breaking them down, and keep moving forward”. It’s a powerful way of thinking and it gets better with practice. It changed the way I thought of food as well. I truly enjoy eating and cooking, and now I’ve learn to appreciate what food can do for my overall performance, health and well-being. I know that I am now sending the right message to my kids and teaching them to love their strengths, differences, and abilities, and to work hard and play hard. And yes, if it’s hot I’m wearing shorts and/or a bikini.
But why do I love crossfit, it’s definitely all Seaside, the community!! The group of people is one of the top assets of this organization. I love the coaches, the people, the support, the challenges and overall atmosphere of hardwork, no instant/magic results crap… just sweat and a hell of alot of fun! These people know how to work hard and play hard!! Can’t beat it.

The first picture was taken when Bashawn first started CrossFit and the second is Bashawn now!

Ashley Vicino

I joined Seaside in May of 2014. I had been going to a regular gym prior to joining and it just wasn’t cutting it for the results I wanted. Having had already done Crossfit a few years ago, I knew it was time to go back. After starting I slowly started seeing results but I knew I had to change my diet as well. So in January I signed up for the Lurong challenge. I didn’t go strict paleo, but I stuck to a diet I knew I could stay consistent with even when the challenge was over. Logging what I ate and eating the right amount of protein, fats, and carbs is what worked for me. This is when I saw the biggest change in my body and strength. I found myself not wanting to miss a wod because I actually enjoyed working out. It helps too that Seaside has such an amazing community. I go the the box 4 or 5 days a week now and I’m way more confident about myself than ever before both in and out of the box.

I joined Seaside just under a year ago after a “bring a friend” day. I started very slowly going 2 – 3 times a week learning all the movements and I’m still learning. Not being an athletic type, I relied heavily on support from Matt and all the other incredibly encouraging individuals at the 5:30 am class. The Storm the Beach competition came up after about 6 months. I immediately learned how diet was a key component to achieving progress. The Zone diet was a natural fit for my lifestyle. I saw muscles in areas I’ve never had muscles, inches disappeared, I felt successful for the first time ever!

The biggest roadblock for me was totally mental. I’ve belonged to 4 different gyms and gave up each time after just a couple weeks. I’ve never had the confidence to pick up a weight or push myself past what I already know I can do. Seaside has helped me improve my physical strength and my mental strength as well. The support and encouragement I experience every time I’m there keeps me coming back for more. I have more energy, I’m a better Mom, I’m the best me I’ve ever been!

Nathan Patnaude

Honestly I cant remember how I found Seaside. I had been working out at A local Martial Arts studio for a while, but with my work schedule I wasn’t able to make it often enough to make a difference. There may have been a Crossfit Comp on TV that had caught my attention. I had slowly climbed in weight over the years from 180 to 205, and kept telling myself that this year I would get into the best shape of my life. Each year it didn’t happen. I always thought I was in pretty good shape. That was until I did my intro class and almost puked all over the place. I remember coming home and Shay saying “what the hell just happened to you”. It was ugly. But I came back. I didn’t have any reservations as I really didn’t have a full grasp of what I was getting into. The first couple of 5:30 classes was a reality check. That Crew is NO JOKE. I learned to quickly keep the blinders on and focus on my progress. Learning and being motivated by the amazing athletes in that gang has made all the difference. They are supportive and VERY competitive. After a year of hard work I can now identify my Goats and have made a earnest effort to come in early/stay late to work on them until they are my strengths. One real struggle is making sure I rest properly and take days off. A major bonus of Seaside has been the ability share the experience with Shay and watch her transformation as an athlete. Its so hard nowadays to make time as a couple, getting that opportunity each morning has been great for both of us.
The first picture was taken right before he started CrossFit and the second was one year to the day the he started

Joe Vergoni

I think there have been three big things that have contributed to my overall fitness the past year.

1-  Routine Exercise:  I go to the 5:30am class and that works great for my schedule.  I was worried at first about making the commitment to exercise so early in the morning.  It sounds minor but I find that little things like laying out my gym clothes and packing my work clothes the night before mentally prepares me for being at the box the next morning.

2-  Meal Planning:  I’ve been making my breakfast / lunch meals for the week on Sunday night.  This eliminates (minimizes) the quick stop to Dunkin Donuts or Subway during the week. Breakfast is usually a couple of hard boiled eggs, fruit and maybe some cold steak or chicken.  Lunch is usually a chicken salad or wrap.

3-  Diet:  For the most part I’ve been able to keep some  foods that used to be a staple off my plate and I’ve replaced them with others.  My wife Johanna (a Crossfitter) has adopted better eating habits and this has really helped me.  The Seaside challenges are also a great motivator to stay honest.  Some key food changes that I’ve been able to stick with have been; black coffee instead of sugar and cream, sweet potatoes instead of white, seltzer instead of soda or juice and minimizing carbs such as bread, pasta, pizza etc.

Overall I feel great and now I can’t imagine life without Crossfit.  I’ve lost about 20 lbs since I started, most of which came in the first couple of months.  I’ve gone from a 36″ comfort waist (yes I used to wear pants with an elastic waist) to a 34″ and now they are starting to feel loose.

I love the Seaside community, coaches and athletes especially the Five Three Ohh crew – wouldn’t want to start my day with anyone else!

Natalia Silva

I WOD 4-5 times per week as well as follow the additional programming. I track my macros using my fitness plan which helps me prioritize protein and not just eat carbs and fats which I would easily do otherwise. I actually haven’t lost a single pound but have lost 2 dress sizes.