“I think there have been three big things that have contributed to my overall fitness the past year. 1-  Routine Exercise:  I go to the 5:30am class and that works great for my schedule.  I was worried at first about making the commitment to exercise so early in the morning.  It sounds minor but I find that little things like laying out my gym clothes and packing my work clothes the night before mentally prepares me for being at the box the next morning. 2-  Meal Planning:  I've been making my breakfast / lunch meals for the week on Sunday night.  This eliminates (minimizes) the quick stop to Dunkin Donuts or Subway during the week. Breakfast is usually a couple of hard boiled eggs, fruit and maybe some cold steak or chicken.  Lunch is usually a chicken salad or wrap. 3-  Diet:  For the most part I've been able to keep some  foods that used to be a staple off my plate and I've replaced them with others.  My wife Johanna (a Crossfitter) has adopted better eating habits and this has really helped me.  The Seaside challenges are also a great motivator to stay honest.  Some key food changes that I've been able to stick with have been; black coffee instead of sugar and cream, sweet potatoes instead of white, seltzer instead of soda or juice and minimizing carbs such as bread, pasta, pizza etc. Overall I feel great and now I can't imagine life without Crossfit.  I've lost about 20 lbs since I started, most of which came in the first couple of months.  I've gone from a 36" comfort waist (yes I used to wear pants with an elastic waist) to a 34" and now they are starting to feel loose. I love the Seaside community, coaches and athletes especially the Five Three Ohh crew - wouldn't want to start my day with anyone else!”

- Joe Vergoni ()

“Consists of true, good hearted people who love to push themselves and each other to be their best each and every workout.”

- Bashawn Thorell ()

“Although I have only been involved with CrossFit for a short time, I am so impressed with the variety of workouts, Jen and Matt's expertise, camaraderie during group workouts, and overall level of fitness that can be reached through CrossFit.”

- Tricia (Teacher)

“When I began Crossfit in June with Jenn and Matt I considered myself in good shape. I was competing in triathlons, running road races and holding my own with my four children on the basketball court and soccer field. After just a few months of Crossfitting my body transformed in ways I didn't know were even possible. I am literally fitter now than when I was a high school athlete. Yes - strong, defined abs are possible in your mid-thirties after four pregnancies!!! I am now a”

- Amy H-M (Principal)