Our philosophy is simple: we want to help you succeed! Our team of coaches will work with you to create a plan that will bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Our community will inspire you to challenge boundaries and achieve new standards. Whether you are a professional athlete or this is your first time exercising, there is a place in our community for everyone.

We strive to be better everyday, encourage one another to push boundaries, and support each other regardless of our fitness levels. Through persistence and continual effort we become better, together.

The Tried and True

CrossFit is the base for all programs being offered here. We additionally offer specialty programs to help support the goals and the needs of the Athletes. If you’re just starting CrossFit, than that is probably more than enough. As you progress, you may recognize weaknesses that you’d like to fix, or maybe you really enjoy running marathon’s, or love lifting heavy weight. We want to provide an avenue for every athlete to excel at what they enjoy.

The addition of specialized Programs, is one way a Member at Seaside can get the most of their membership.  These programs are meant to supplement their CrossFit Workouts not replace them.  These programs are also not meant to all be completed in one week.  If an athlete completes 5 CrossFit Workouts, Roulette, Threshold and Endurance, they are more than likely going to get injured.  Be Smart, choose one (maybe two) to offset your normal CrossFit Routine.  Gauge how you feel and track the results.  In the end, there is always a coach to help.



Roulette will remain on Friday Night and continue to be our “welcome to the weekend” WOD. It’s a 45min Capped WOD that focuses on Teamwork and introduces Heavy Weights, Complex Movements and Advanced Gymnastics. If you’re new to CrossFit, don’t worry, the WOD is intended to be scaled to meet all abilities. The best part of Roulette is the beers shared with buddies following the workout.


Seaside Cycle:
Seaside Cycle HEAT is 45 minutes of energizing beats. The music is high and the lights are low. Join our instructors as they move to the beat of the music, mixed with tough hills and cardio intervals. You will leave this class dripping. All levels welcome. The gears are set up so you can control the resistance and intensity.



Endurance will remain on Sunday and is for the athlete that really enjoys the “hero” style WODs that we used to regularly do in the “Garage”. The Class is a 90min Class where the athlete is working out for at least 60 plus minutes.



Threshold A 2 hour class that focuses on developing absolute strength in the Athlete. There is a percentage based Strength component, Odd Object Carries, Mixed Grip movements and ends with a heavier shorter WOD. Overall, Threshold is a Central Nervous System meltdown that won’t kill your ability to perform on Monday. Class’s times are expanding to include Saturday at 7:30am.

New to Seaside 2018


Barbell Club:

(Starting this Saturday 13 JAN). This Program is for athletes that are looking to get better on the Platform. The Goal is to improve your totals in Clean & Jerk and Snatch. The Barbell Club will be run 3 days a week (Tues, Thurs) at 6:30PM and at 8:30 (Saturday). If those times don’t work the program will be on the board near the platforms. This Program will go for 10 weeks with the final week being Seaside’s First Weightlifting Meet.


Absolute Strength:

(Starting the Week of 8 JAN) This Class will be held on a pop up basis and will be held at 4:30am during the week. The Goal of the Class is to expand on the Threshold Concept and meld Absolute Strength with the regular programmed WOD. All the early risers in the gym can get a heavy strength session and move right into the 5:30am Class. Programming will be released on when we release the normal programming.


Aerobic Capacity:

(Starting in the spring of 2018) the audience for this program is all our runners and triathletes in the gym, or those athletes that want to improve these skills. Most off the internet marathon programs, require a lot of junk miles (5-10miles) that eat up most of your time. The goal of these miles is to build a base of conditioning for your non CrossFitter. If you do CrossFit, you don’t need the junk miles that beat you up and deplete your strength. We replace these miles with track work that builds your aerobic capacity.