Pre Wod

1 Min Hamstring Roll Out

1 Min Quad Roll Out

1 Min Calf Roll Out

1 Mile Run Test

(Today we test our Seaside mile! Last week we saw many PRs and a true show of fitness would be to also see PRs in the mile. It will be a metric mile and completed by running two 800m. This is the only route that will be allowed to be a part of the leader board. Let’s go out there and push this run and try for that PR!) (You have a week to submit a score for the leaderboard)

*At least a 15 minute rest




20 Box Step Ups 24/20

20 Pull-ups or DB Row 50/35

(The mile is the focus of the day, not the WOD. 100% effort on the run and take some intensity out of the WOD if needed)

Post Wod

1 Min Glute Roll

1 Min Lat Roll

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