Strength:Establish a heavy but fast 1 rep back squat-then-2x10 back squat @65-75% of above Conditioning:For time:30 Thruster #95/6515 Box jump 24/20"30 Power clean #95/6515 Box jump 24/30"30 Front squat #95/6515 Box jump 24/20"  ENGINE 15 Thrusters (95/65) 15 box jump 500 m row 15 power clean (95/65) 15 box jump 500 m row 15 front squat (95/65) 15 box jump 500 m row Extra:1) Work to a heavy 3-position clean:(Floor,Knee,Hips) -th


endurance 1 mile run 30 burpee pullups 400 m run 30 jumping lunges 200 m run 30 Kb swings 400m run 30 sit-ups 1 mile run 9:30-10:30 800m run 20 burpee pullups 400 m run 20 jumping lunges 200 m run 20 Kb swings 400m run 20 situps 800 m run  


**Open athletes are recommended to take a rest day or active rest day i.e. 15-20min row or assault bike conversational pace or skill work** Conditioning:Teams of 2For time:100/80cal row60 Thruster #75/55200' Walking front rack lunge #75/5560 Push Press #75/45200' Walking front rack lunge #75/55100/80cal row Midine:2 rounds:40 Abmat sit-up20 V-up10 Strict TTB-Rest as needed- Extra:2) Front squat: 3x10-12 @60-75% of 2/24/16 front squat 3rm or 3x


Strength:Every 2:00 for 10:003 Drop snatches (fast)-then-Establish a 5RM Unbroken full snatch Conditioning:3 RFT10 Power Snatch #115/7515 Pull-up60 Double Under Engine:4 RFT:400m run10 Power snatch #95/6510 Pull-up60 Double Under Midline (time permitting):3 sets:100' KB suitcase carry (R)100' KB suitcase carry (L)100' KB cradle carry -rest 60-90 seconds- Extra:1) EMOMx10:Odd: UB HSPU (you choose number)Even: 18/15cal row Drop snatch demo: ht


Strength: 5x2 1 pause split jerk+1push jerk every 2:00 for 10:00 (building) Conditioning 15,12,9,6,3 Power Clean (155/105) T2B Push Jerk (155/105) Extra 4x 30 second assault bike 20 GHD sit-ups 1:3 rest


Strength:3 sets:6 Single-leg KB RDL (each leg)15 Back ext. OR 10 Superman-rest 60-90 seconds- Conditioning:AMRAP 1515 Deadlft #225/15520 Box jump overs 24/20"30 Wallball shot #20/14 Extra:1) Deadlift (before class): 4x3 (heavy but no slow reps)-rest 90-120- 2) Pendlay row: 3x8-rest 60-90- Demo Pendlay row: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlRrIsoDpKg


Endurance: Teams of 2For Time:100 KBS #53/3530 Burpee over partner80 Goblet Squat30 Burpee over partner60 SIt-up30 Burpee over Partner40 Push-up30 Burpee over partner20 Toe to Bar30 Burpee over Partner10 HSPU 9:305 RFT:20 KBS #53/3510 Thruster #95/655 Bar facing burpee


Tomorrow's WOD will be announced tonight.  Tune in to find out   http://games.crossfit.com


Team of 2-3 0:00-8:00 Row for calories, Sled Drag 90/45lb (50"increments) *alternate stations between partners as needed   10:00-18:00 50" Double KB front rack walking lunge #53/35 *Partner hollow holds while other partner works, switch every 100"   20:00-25:00 Max KBS #70/53 * One partner Works at a time   Extra  1. 20-30 min AB conversational pace, dont let HR get too high

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