Conditioning"Bring a Friend Day"Conditioning:5 Rounds1:00 Max Row for calories1:00 Max Burpee1:00 Max Double Unders1:00 Rest*Score is total repetitions at each station Midline (time permitting):50 Banded good morning+2 sets:20 V-up10 Hollow rock Extra: 1) 4x2:00 AB-rest 120 seconds- OR 4x750m row-rest 1:1-3-


Weightlfting:Every 2:00 for 10:002 Hang squat cleans (heavier than workout) Conditioning:"Death by Hang Squat Clean"#155/105*If athlete fails before minute 5, remove weight and start over. Goal is to achieve near 10 rounds, so choose weights accordingly Extra: 1) 5min Double Under practiceOR100 DU-rest 1min-75 DU-rest :45-50 DU-rest :30-25 DU 2) 10min Muscle-up practiceOR5-4-3-2-1UB MU-rest as needed between sets-   ENGINE 10 Squat cl


Weightlifting:EMOMx10: 1 Snatch* Build to a heavy single, or work technique at a moderate weight. Conditioning:Open 12.2AMRAP 1030 Snatch #75/4530 Snatch #135/7530 Snatch #165/10030 Snatch #210/120 Extra: 1) Bench press: 3x8-rest 90-120 seconds- Superset:2a) strict +kipping HSPU: 3xME strict+kippingORDB shoulder press: 3x122b) Bent over DB row: 3x8 (each arm)-rest 60-90 seconds- 3) 5x300m row-rest 1:2-


Conditioning:For time:4 Rope climb15 Thruster #115/953 Rope climb12 Thruster #115/952 Rope climb9 Thruster #115/951 Rope climb6 Thruster #115/95 Extra (time permitting) Cross-over symmetry "recovery"+30 Strict TTB*every break 15 Abmat sit-up Extra:1) Back squat: 3x10-rest 90-120 seconds- 2) DB Romanian deadlift: 3x10-rest 60-90 seconds- 3) 3 sets:20 GHDSU25 Back extension-rest as needed-


Endurance:AMRAP 6Burpee box Jump overs (24/20")-rest 3 min- AMRAP 550' Shuttle run-rest 2 min- AMRAP 4KBS (53/35)-rest 2 min- AMRAP 3Wallball Shots (#20/14)-resr 1 min- AMRAP 2Sit-ups Extra/conditioning:For time:2k row 9:30-10:30 "Karen" 150 wall balls for time


Strength:EMOMx51 Push Press+1 Push Jerk Conditioning:AMRAP 155 Power clean #155/10510 Shoulder to overhead #155/10515 Wallball shot #20/14*Athlete should choose a weight that they can handle UB STO for 2 rounds Extra/weightlifting: 1) Build to a heavy single Jerk (split or push)-preferably before class 2a) Strict ring dip: 3xME2b) Strict ring row/pronated pull-up: 3xME/12-rest 60-90 seconds- 3) AB 8x:10-rest 120 seconds-  


Conditioning: Teams of 2For Time:60-50-40-30-20BurpeeSit-up*100 DU after each set OR 200 SU-30min Cap-One partner works at a time Cash-out Cross-over symmetry "Recovery" protocol Extra:1) Row 5x300m -rest 1:2-ORAB 4-6x1:00-rest 120 seconds-


Conditioning: Open Workout 14.3AMRAP 810 Deadlift #135/9515 Box Jump 24/20"15 Deadlift #185/13515 Box Jump 24/20"20 Deadlift #225/15515 Box Jump 24/20"25 Deadlift #275/18515 Box Jump30 Deadlift #315/20515 Box Jump 24/20" 35 Deadlift #365/22515 Box Jump 24/20" Midline Cash-out (time permitting):3 rounds:Minute 1: 40 seconds Sit-upMinute 2: 40 seconds Banded GMMinute 3: 40 seconds Hollow holdMinute 4: 40 seconds Supermans Extra:1) Back squat: 6x


Strength: EMOMx5For load:Min 1: 5 UB ThrusterMin 2: 4 UB ThrusterMin 3: 3 UB ThrusterMin 4: 2 UB ThrusterMin 5: 1 Thruster* Add weight each minute if possible* From the ground Conditioning:3 RFT:18 Thruster #95/6512 Chest to bar Pull-up Engine:1000m row/80/60cal AB3 RFT:18 Thruster #95/6512 Chest to bar Pull-up1000m row/80/60cal AB Midline:3 sets:ME L-sit10 V-Up10 Hollow rock-rest as needed- Extra/Weightlifting:1) Build to a heavy complex of

Snow cancellation

All am classes from 8:30 am on will be cancelled for the safety of our members and coaches.  see you tomorrow at 5:45.  Stay safe!  Strength and conditioning classes can be made up this Wednesday 3-4:30 pm

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