Strength:Push Press: 5x3 Conditioning:40 Power snatch #75/5530 Burpee box jump (24/20)30 Power snatch #75/5520 Burpee box jump (24/20)20 Power snatch #75/5510 Burpee box jump (24/20)*15min cap Extra:1) SS:DB incline bench: 3x12DB Seated DB lateral fly+Standing: 3x12+15 (lighter db)


Conditioning:Teams of 2AMRAP 1810 Squat clean #155/10520 TTB40 Wallball shot (20/14) -rest 3:00- 9:00 to establish a heavy Clean+1 Front squat (score is total of both partners lift) Extra:1) SS:Bulgarian split squat: 3x6 @22x0DB RDL: 3x10 2) 3x20 Back extension  


Endurance   6x800 m run -recovery 400m between efforts 9:30-10:30 5rft 12 TTB 10 clusters (136/95) 200m run


Conditioning:Teams of 2 (both partners complete 2 rounds of each)2 rounds:200' Prowler push (4x#45's/2x45's)200' Prowler push (2x#45's/2x25's)200' Prowler push (Empty) -rest 3:00- 2 rounds:200' Sled drag/pull (4x#45's/3x#45's)200' Sed drag/pull (3x#45's/2x#45's)200' Sled drag/pull (2x#45's/1x#45)*Drag 100' then pull backwards 100' Mid-line (time permitting)2 rounds:20 V-up20 Hollow rockMax L-sit


Conditioning:AMRAP 2050 Double under40 Wall ball shot (20/14)30 KBS #53/3520 Sit-up10 Deadlift #225/155 Extra:Farmer carry 3x200'OH KB walk 3x200' (Switch arms half way)Cradle carry 3x200'-rest as needed between movements-


StrengthStrict press: 3x8 Conditioning:40 S2O #115/7530 Box jump over (24/20)20 HSPU30 Box jump over (24/20)40 S2O #115/75 Extra:1) Banded french press x100 (light)2) 3 rounds: GHDSU x 25Weighted plank hold x ME-rest as needed-


Strength:3 RNFT:Barbell reverse lunge x 6 (alt. each leg)SA KB row x 10 Conditioning:3 rounds:20 Front squat #115/7515 Chest to bar pull-up400m run Extra:1) Strict supinated pull-up: 4x5-10 (2-sec pause at top)2) Banded hammer curl x 100 (light)


Strength:EMOMx101 Power clean (building) Conditioning:AMRAP 155 Power clean #155/1055 Burpee over bar Extra:1) DB bench press: 3x102a) DB lateral fly 3x12 1xME (light)2b) DB bent over rear delt fly: 3x12


Endurance:Teams of 25000m Row300 Double under1200m Sled drag #90/45150 Burpee 9:30Teams of 22000m Row200 Double under800m Sled drag #135/9040 Squat clean #135/95


STRENGTH 3RNFT: Ring row x 12-15 SA KB row x 8 each arm Band pull apart x 20   CONDITIONING AMRAP12 200 m run 30 OH plate lunges alternating 15 HR push ups

1 79 80 81 82 83 101