Wednesday Strength Push jerk 3x4 Split jerk 2x2 Conditioning Wally 4 Rounds for Time 400m run 20 Wall-Balls 20/14 6 Squat clean and jerk 185/135 *squat cleans are meant to be very heavy singles. Focusing on moving well and controlled rather than fast. The goal for the Wall-Balls is to be unbroken all 4 rounds Accessory SA DB shoulder press 3x10-12e Weighted plank 3x:30


Tuesday Strength Romanian Deadlift 4x6 Conditioning Rambo AMRAP 11 8 Hang Power snatch 95/65 10 Pull-ups 12 Burpee Over Bar Core Tabata 6 mins Alternating between: Windshield wipers Sit-ups Plank


Monday Strength Front squat 5x4 Conditioning Hype 2 Rounds for Time 40 Double unders 15 Power Cleans 155/105 40 double unders 15 deadlifts 155/105 Accessory Farmers walk 3x150’ SL glute bridge hold 3x:30e


Sunday Endurance ”Thunder road” Teams of 2 2 mile run with partner -then- 5 rounds 2x150’ OH plate carry 45/35 40 air squats 30 push-ups 20 box jumps 24/20 *reps are split between you and your partner *2 mike run is with your partner 9:30 Strength Strict pull ups 5x6-8 Conditioning “Jack Flash” -buy in- 800m run -then- 3 rounds 10 back squats 135/95 10 box jumps 24/20 -cash out- 800m run


Friday Strength Overhead Squat 4x6 snatchsquach 10 Squat snatch 95/65 2 rope climbs 10 squat snatch 115/80 2 rope climbs 10 squat snatch 135/95 2 rope climbs 10 squat snatch 155/105 2 rope climbs Accessory Banded hammer curls 3x15-20 Banded tricep extension 3x15-20


Teams of 2 8 x 200 m run -1 min rest 8 x 15/12 cal bike -1 min rest 8 x 15/12 cal row *each partner does 4 sets of each movement. 1:1 work:rest ratio means you should be at max effort while your working.  Do not save yourself, get uncomfortable!


Wednesday Strength Emom 7 1 Heavy Squat Clean Conditioning Balls to the wall For Time 120 Wallballs Emom 5 Burpees *scale this workout by using a lighter WB or lowering the total Wallball reps Accessory Lateral DB Flies 3x12 DB upright row 3x10


  Strength Push Press 3x8 Conditioning Belvedere AMRAP 20 10 Push Press 115/80 10 Russian Kettlebell Swings 53/35 10 Box Jumps 24/20 Accessory SL SA KB RDL 3x6e RFE Goblet squat 3x5e


Monday Strength Strength Front squat 5x5 Conditioning Clingers 30 Front squat 95/65 800m run 30 pull-ups 800m run Core Tabata 4 Rounds Flutter kicks Russian Twists V-ups

Friday Strength Good Mornings 4x8-10 Conditioning “Double Dead” 4 Rounds for Time 60 Double unders 8 Deadlifts 225/155 8 T2B Accessory Ring rows 3x6 (3 sec pause at top) Banded tricep extension 3x10 (3 sec pause at bottom)

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