Monday Strength RDL 4x6 Conditioning Franz 27-21-15 Thrusters 75/55 Russian Kettlebell Swings 70/53 Accessory DB neutral grip bench press 3x8-10 KB Snatch 3x6


Endurance Blue Squire Teams of 2 Buy In 10x75’ bear crawls -then- 800m run together 4x150’ suitcase carry 100 sit-ups 100 rkbs 50/35 1000m Row split between part. 4x150’ Suitcase carry 100 push-ups 100 ring rows 800m run together 9:30 Strength 4x5 Strict HSPU Conditioning Quad crasher  3 Rounds for Time 20 push-ups 15 pull-ups 10 Back Squats 185/135 5 Burpee Over Bar


ROULETTE EVERY FRIDAY AT 6:30 pm.  Join us for an unknown workout amongst friends.   Skill 10 Rounds of :30 on :30 off Double-unders Conditioning Dippity Doe 4 Rounds for Time 6 power snatch 115/80 200m run 8 ring Dips 200m run 6 Handstand push-ups Accessory Palloff Press 3x10e Broad Jumps 3x3


Thursday BOWSER Teams of 2 AMRAP 5 10 Barbell Front Squats 155/105 20 Push-ups -1 minute rest AMRAP 5 16 Barbell Back Rack Rev Lunges 155/105 20 KBS 70/53 -1 minute rest AMRAP 5 Max Air-squats -1 minute rest AMRAP 5 Max walking Lunges *reps are divided equally *reverse lunges are 4 reps per leg per partner


Wednesday Strength Bent Over Barbell Row 4x8 Conditioning Orca AMRAP 4 5 C2B Pull-ups 5 Box Jumps 30/24 -rest 3 minutes AMRAP 4 10 Pull-ups 10 Box Jumps 24/20 -rest 3 minutes AMRAP 2 Deadlift 225/155 Accessory Bear crawl 3x75’ Lateral Box step up 3x6e leg Jenn


Tuesday Strength Emom 7 5 Back squat @60-70% Conditioning Toes and Rows 30 Toes to Bar 30/24 Calorie Row 30 Wall-balls 20/14 30/24 Calorie Bike 20 Toes to Bar 20/16 Calorie Row 20 Wall-Balls 20/14 20/24 Calorie Bike Core 100 weighted sit-ups 100 v-sit twists


Monday Strength Strict Press 4x8 Conditioning Beef Jerky 10-1 Clean and Jerks 135/95 Bar Facing Burpee Over Bar Accessory DB Seal Row 3x10 Bent Over Rear Delt Flies 3x10-12


Endurance Endor 10 Rounds for Time 250m Row/200m run 15 sit-ups 10 Russian KB Swings 53/35 5 Strict Pull-ups/10 ring rows 9:30 Strength Bench Press 5x6 Bobafett 5 Rounds for Time 250m Row 5 Back Squats @BW 5 Strict Pull-ups


Halloween Roulette ALL DAY LONG! Come dressed to impress (costumes not required to workout but highly encouraged). Roll the dice with this unknown WOD. The regular class programming will be a modified version of our 6:30pm Roulette.  This WOD will be 100% accessible for all Seaside athletes!  Come and joy the Holiday festivities!!   5:30pm class will be cancelled tomorrow so we can set up for Roulette   PLEASE Arrive at 6:


Thursday Smurf 2 Rounds for Time 800m run 60 air squats 60 sit-ups Accessory DB Bench Flies 4x12 DB skull crushers 4x8-10

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