Endurance:For time:3,000m row150 Double under3 Mile run 9:30For time:2,000m row150 Double under1 Mile run


Strength:Deadlift: 3x5 Conditioning:5 rounds:10 Deadlift #225/15520 Wall ball shot #20/14 Mid-line (time permitting)3 rounds:10 V-up10 Hollow rock:30 Flutter kick Extra:1a) Good morning: 3x81b) KB front rack lunge: 3x50' 2) 6x:25 AB-rest :60-


Conditioning:EMOMx205 rounds:Minute 1: 15/12c rowMinute 2: Shuttle run (50' increments)Minute 3: Kettle bell swing #53/35Minute 4: Burpee Mid-line (time permitting):3 rounds:100' KB suitcase carry (R)100' KB suitcase carry (L)100' KB cradle carry Extra:6x 1 mile AB-rest 3:00-


Strength:3 roundsKB/DB step-up x 6 (each leg)Tuck jump x 3 Conditioning:AMRAP 69 Thruster #135/959 Box jump over 24/20" -rest 2:00- AMRAP 615 Thruster #11515 Box jump over 24/20" -rest 2:00- AMRAP 621 Thruster #95/6521 Box jump over 24/20" Extra: 1) Push press: Establish a 3rm 2a) Single arm DB strict press: 3x8 (each arm)2b) DB lateral raise: 3x122c) DB bent over fly: 3x12


WL:EMOM X 51 3-position snatch (Floor, Knee, Hip) Skill:5 Minutes of Handstand walk, Wall walks, or Handstand hold practice Conditioning:6-9-12-15-18Power snatch #95/65Chest to bar pull-up *15min cap Extra:1a) Pendlay barbell row: 3x101b) BB curl: 3x10 2a) Strict pull-up/ring row: 3x10-122b) DB hammer curl: 3x12


WL/Skill:EMOM x 10Odd: 3 Hang power cleanEven: 5 Pistol squats (L/R) Conditioning:Teams of 2:100 Double under40 Hang power clean #155/10540 Toe to bar100 Double under40 Push jerk #155/10540 Toe to bar100 Double under40 Front squat #155/10540 Toe to bar *20min time cap Exra:1) EMOMx10Odd: 1 JerkEven: 1 Squat clean(Jerk from a rack, drop the weight, squat clean on the minute, return it to the rack.) 2) Back squat: Establish 20RM


8-9:30 Endurance 3RFT 1200 m run 30 squat cleans (95:65) 30 burpees   9:30 3RFT 400m run 30 squat cleans (95/65) 15 burpees


Strength:3 sets:10 Bench press12-15 Strict ring row OR Max strict Pull-up Conditioning:For time:50-40-30-20-10Sit-upKettlebell swing #70/53 Extra:1) Back squat: 2x8 2x4 2a) 3x6 DB bulgarian split squat+6 alternating split squat jumps immediately after each set. Split squat jump demo:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MhElJ779AU


Conditioning:Teams of 2:AMRAP 7Max row for calories -rest 2:00- AMRAP 7Max distance sled drag -rest 2:00- AMRAP 7Max distance prowler push Extra:5k run or row (recovery pace)


Conditioning:AMRAP 61 Rope climb 3 Deadlift #275/1856 Box jump over 24/20" -rest 3:00- AMRAP 61 Rope climb6 Deadlift #225/15512 Box jump over Mid-line (time permitting)3 rounds:10 ring roll outs10 Hollow rock Extra:1a) DB step-up+reverse lunge: 3x6 (each leg)1b) DB RDL: 3x10 2) 5x500m rowrest 1:1 1a Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkxRV_c-Xkg

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