Conditioning:Teams of 2:AMRAP 7Max row for calories -rest 2:00- AMRAP 7Max distance sled drag -rest 2:00- AMRAP 7Max distance prowler push Extra:5k run or row (recovery pace)


Conditioning:AMRAP 61 Rope climb 3 Deadlift #275/1856 Box jump over 24/20" -rest 3:00- AMRAP 61 Rope climb6 Deadlift #225/15512 Box jump over Mid-line (time permitting)3 rounds:10 ring roll outs10 Hollow rock Extra:1a) DB step-up+reverse lunge: 3x6 (each leg)1b) DB RDL: 3x10 2) 5x500m rowrest 1:1 1a Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkxRV_c-Xkg


Weightlifting:10:00 to build to a heavy full snatch Conditioning:For time:60 wall-ball shots, 20-lb. ball30 Snatch #135/9515 Muscle-ups*Scale burpee chest to bar pull-up Extra:1) EMOMx101 Front squat (heavy) 2) EMOMx101 Full clean (climbing)


Weightlifting:Build to a heavy single split jerk Conditioning:4 rounds50 Double under15 Toe to bar10 Power clean #155/1055 Shoulder to over head #155/105 Extra:Warm-upCross-over symmetry activation 1) Strict press: 3x8 2a) Bent over DB fly: 3x122b) DB lateral raise: 3x12 (slow and controlled)

Closed Sunday March 27th

Seaside will be closed Sunday!  Enjoy your Easter Egg Hunts




Strength:3 rounds3 KB Turkish get-up (both arms)6 KB Snatch (both arms) Conditioning:Teams of two:For time:2k row50 Kettle bell swing #70/5350 Toe to bar2k row *1 Mile run in place of row if weather permits


Weightlifting:EMOMx101 power snatch+2 Overhead squats Conditioning:3 rounds:50 Double under20 Wall ball shots #20/1410 Overhead squats #135/95 Mid-line (permitting)5 rounds:30 Hollow hold:30 Flutter kick:30 Off Extra:1) Sumo Deadlift: 3x32) Good morning: 3x6 2a) Bulgarian split squat: 3x6 (each leg)2b) DB RDL: 3x8


Weightlifting:EMOMx101 Power clean (climbing) Conditioning:AMRAP 105 Power clean #185/13510 Burpee over bar*Choose a weight that allows for 6 rounds+ Extra:1) Bench press: 3x5+ *Perform two sets of 5 at a challenging weight, and on the third set perform an AMRAP with the same weight. 2a) Single-arm DB row: 3x10 (each arm)2b) Standing DB OH french press: 3x10

Opening up for 5:30 an

due to the storm not starting as planned we are opening up the 5:40 am.  See you there

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