Opening up for 5:30 an

due to the storm not starting as planned we are opening up the 5:40 am.  See you there

Snow delay

Seaside will be delaying our open due to tomorrow's storm Regis.  We are hoping things will clear for our 8:30 am class.  Stay tuned for details


Conditioning:Every 2 minutes for 10 rounds (20 mins total)3 Ring Muscle-up5 Thruster #115/757 Box Jump #30/24"*Scale 5 chest to bar pull-up OR 5 Jumping chest to bar pull-up Mid-line (permitting)2 Rounds:5 Russian KB swing100' OH KB carry (L)5 Russian KB swing100' OH KB carry (R)5 Russian KB swing Extra:1) Back squat: 4x8 2a) Standing DB strict press: 3x122b) Lateral DB raise: 3x12 (light and controlled)


EMOMx8Minute 1: Max KB goblet squatMinute 2: Max Ab-mat sit-upMinute 3: Max BurpeeMinute 4: Max row for calorie Run 1 mile EMOMx8Minute 1: Max KB alternating lungeMinute 2: Max Ab-mat sit-upMinute 3: Max BurpeeMinute 4: Max row for calorie 9:30EMOMx15Minute 1: Max row for calorieMinute 2: Max clean and jerk #95/65Minute 3: Max KBS #70/53Minute 4: Max Power snatch #95/65Minute 5: Rest




Conditioning:EMOMx20Odd: Goat #1Even Goat #2 *This is up to the athlete to choose. A goat is a movement or skill that is challenging for an athlete, or needs improvement. Pick something sustainable for 20 minutes that you can practice the skill or movement efficiently on the minute. Mid-line3 rounds:20 Weighted sit-up15 Russian twist (each side)10 Strict Toe to bar ***OPEN WORKOUT***


Strength:Deadlift: 5-10-5 Conditioning:For time:40 Wallball shot #20/1430 Power snatch #135/9530 Wallball shot #20/1430 Deadlift #135/9520 Wallball shot #20/1430 Power clean #135/9510 Wallball shot #20/14*20min cap Extra:1) Good morning: 3x8 2) EMOMx12Even: 1 Snatch (heavy, but no fails)Odd: 18/15c row 3)3 rounds:20/15cal AB20 GHDSU


Strength:3 Rounds:10 strict pull-up OR 12-15 strict ring row12 Bent over single arm KB/DB row15 Back extension Conditioning:21-15-9Kettlebell swing #70/53HSPU*30 Double under in between sets ENGINE21-15-9Kettlebell swing #53/35HSPU*500m row in between sets Mid-line (time permitting)3 rounds:10 Overhead barbell sit-up30 Banded good morning10 Hollow-rock Extra:1) Bench press: 4x6 Super-set:2a) Incline DB bench: 3x102b) Incline DB bench seal ro


Conditioning:AMRAP 8 (2-4-6-8-10-12-etc)Thruster #115/75Box jump 24/20" Rest 5min AMRAP 8 (2-4-6-8-10-12-etc)Shoulder to overhead #115/75Box jump over 24/20" Extra:1) Back squat: 6x3 (heavy) *preferably before workout 2) EMOMx12Even: 1 clean and jerk (heavy, but no fails)Odd: 18/15c row


Endurance Aerobic Interval running 2x800 rest 120 sec 2 min break 3x400 90 sec 2 min break 4x300 rest 60 sec 2 min break 5x 100m rest 30 sec 2 min break 2x 800m rest 120 sec *goal is to maintain or better your pace on the second 800. All intervals +/- 2-3 seconds on each. Focus on maintaining a fast but sustainable pace throughout all 9:30-10:30 3rds 400 m run 10 S2O (135/95) 5 MU

1 119 120 121 122 123 136