Storm closing

For the safety of our coaches and members.  our last class will be 4:30pm tonight.  5:30pm and 6:30pm will be cancelled.  We will be open tomorrow am for anaerobic threshold training with Josh.  Stay safe!  


Strength:3 Sets:8 barbell row10 pushup-Rest 60-90 seconds- Conditioning:AMRAP 1240 DU20 KBS #53/3510 HSPU/Push-up *ENGINE 20 min amrap Extra:1) 3x1000m row-Rest 1:1-OR4-6x1:00 Assault Bike-Rest 2:00-*Class wars floater retest training


Conditioning: Teams of 2For time:100 Calorie row80 Hang power clean80 Calorie row60 Front squats60 Calorie row40 Pull-ups40 Calorie row20 Push Jerk20 Calorie row Weights: #135/95 Rx Midline (Time Permitting)50 Abmat Sit-up40 V-up30 Hollow rock Extra/Weightlifting:1) Emomx10: 1 clean and jerk (you choose the weight


Strength:3 Sets:8 Strict press8 Ring row-Rest 60-90 seconds- Conditioning:Open Workout 13.2AMRAP 10:5 Shoulder to Overhead #115/7510 Deadlift #115/7515 Box Jump 24/20" Extra:1a) DB Bench: 3x122a) DB skull crusher: 3x15-rest 1:00 3) 4x500m row-Rest 1:1- 3) 4 sets:25 UB Wallball-Rest 2 minutes- ENGINE 5 shoulder to overhead (95/65) 10 deadlift (95/65) 15 box jump 24/20 20 min amrap


Strength:3-pos full snatchBuild to a heavy set of:High hang, knee, floor Conditioning:"Amanda"9-7-5Muscle Up Squat snatch #135/95*MU subs= pullup/ring dip, burpee pullup, chest to bar pullup Extra/Midline:1) 10 Minute HSPU practice: Wall-walks, kick ups, box assisted HSPU, static holds, shoulder touches, etc.OR3 SetsME Strict HSPURest 1:00ME Kipping HSPURest 1:00 2) 3 Sets:ME L-sit10 SupermanME Hollow Hold-Rest 1:00-


Conditioning:"Class Wars"EMOMx30Odd: 10 Thruster #95/65Even: 15 Burpee Scaled:EMOMx30Odd: 10 Thruster #75/55Even: 12 Burpee Extra/Skill: 1) Front Squat: 3x3 2) 5 minutes DU practiceOR2 Minutes ME DU-Rest 2min-2 Minutes ME DU 3) 4-6x:30 Assault Bike -Rest 90-120 sec-*Class wars floater retest training   ENGINE IS THE SAME WOD


ENDURANCE 8-9:30 10 min EMOM 15 Air squat 10 push ups 5 pullups 5 min rest 10 min amrap 100 DU 20 Wall ball 5 min rest 10 min amrap Max cal row 5 min rest 9:30-10:30 "Cindy" 20 min amrap 5 pull ups 10 push-ups 15 air squats  


Strength: Strict press 6x3 Conditioning: CrossFit Open workout 12.3 AMRAP 1815 Box Jumps 24/20"12 Push Press #115/759 Toe to Bar Weightlifting/Extra 1) Power Snatch: 5-4-3-2-1 for load 2) Snatch Pull 3x3 (Heavy) 3) HSPU: 3-5 strict+ME kipping*perform 3-5 strict HSPU then as many kipping HSPU without coming off the wall ENGINE Same as WOD


Conditioning:Teams of 2:AMRAP 2018/12 Calorie row50' Walking lunge10 sit-ups50' Sprint *you go, I go style. Partner number two can begin their set when partner one tags the rower after the sprint. Weightlfting/Extra 1) Power clean 5x3 (70-80%) 2) EMOM x103 Chest to bar pullups


Strength: Deadlift 4x3 (heavy) Conditioning: 3 RFT: 9 Deadlift #245/17512 Burpee over bar 15 Kettlebell Swing #53/35 Engine4 RFT: 9 Deadlift #225/165 12 Burpee over bar 15 Kettlebell Swing #53/35500m row Weightlifting/Extra: 1) EMOMx10 2 clean and jerk (75-85%) 2) 6-8x:30 Max Effort ABRest :90 between sets

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