Published September 10, 2017

Gymanstics Strength

EMOM 10 min

odd :45 Handstand hold

Even: 5-8 strict pull ups



"Grip Rip"

40 Hang power clean (135/95)

30 S2O (135/95)

20 Deadlift (135/95)

* Everytime you drop the bar 5 T2B must be performed



1. :45 side plank each side

2. Max weighted plank

3. 15 GHD back extension 


Coaches Corner:  Tomorrow is a Grip intensive workout.  The longer you hang on to the bar the less T2B you will have to perform.  The weight should be moderately heavy.  Pick a weight that you can start out doing sets of 10 at least.  If you are breezing through 20-30 it's too light.  If you start at 5 reps its too heavy.  The deadlift should be relatively light and more of a grip/hamstring burn.

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