Published July 9, 2017

Programming Cycle will begin July 10th and run through September 2nd.  Programming emphasis will be to continue to increase conditioning base.  Our auxilliary and accessory strength will remain balanced but you will see an increase emphasis on  posterior chain, core, unilateral work as well as rope climb and double under skills programmed into the WODs.  The Benchmark WOD for this cycle will be Wednesday July 12th and will be retested the first week of September to track growth.


10 Min EMOM

Odd; 5-10 strict pull ups (weighted if possible)

Even: :45 plank hold



10 RFT

21 DU

15 Wall Ball

9 S2O (135/95)


Accessory: superset

1. Banded lat pull down 15-20

2. KB suitcase carry L/R 100'

3. banded kneeling SA row 15-20






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